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At Tidal Sinks we pride ourselves in offering the best in the business, always prompt and always courteous customer service and support.  We strive to provide any requested information to both our distributors and end users in a timely manner, whenever possible.  Here, we hope you will find the tools you need to assist you with your Tidal Sink, from the decision to purchase through the daily maintenance.  If we’ve missed anything, please feel free to contact us at


DXF Files

DXF Files can be used by contractors and/or countertop fabricators to plot a cutout for your selected sink.  This file type requires some form of design software (for example, AutoCAD) to be viewed, imported and/or adjusted.  Tidal DXF files have been provided as a guideline, or starting point, and are in no way guaranteed to be 100% accurate with any given sink.  As with all things manufactured, and especially with hand made sinks, there are always slight variances in the end result.  Note that our DXF files have been designed based on the specifications, and assumed a zero reveal.  Fabricators, along with the end consumer should be aware of this, and judge how they would like the sink to be cut and mounted.  As sink measurements can vary, please remember to confirm the plotted dimensions with the actual sink on hand before the sink is cut. By clicking the link below, you will be given an option to choose a sink and/or click on the DXF file for the product of your choice.

Specification (Spec) Sheets

Product specification sheets are provided to show details of each product, and include items such as measurements, material, and certifications.  Here, you will also find the item code(s) for both included and optional accessories specific to each product.  By clicking the link below, you will be given an option to choose a sink and/or click on the spec sheet for the product of your choice.  Once purchased, we recommend that you keep this information on file for ordering replacement items and /or warranty purposes.  Note that the spec sheets are intended to be used as a guide for selection, sizing and cutout purposes.  Please ensure that the actual sink is measured and confirmed prior to cutting and/or installation.


Tidal is pleased to offer a limited lifetime warranty on our stainless steel sinks.  As with all warranties, there are various restrictions and items that are not covered under this warranty.  Please take the time to read and be aware of the details, as they may apply to you.

Care and Maintenance

Tidal would like to help ensure your stainless steel sink remains in like new condition for as long as possible.  Please feel free to explore our standard guide to care and maintenance, and/or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (in the Quick Links section of our website) for more information on protecting your sink, and/or removal of scratches or brown spots.  Should you have any additional questions, please email us at

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions are currently available for undermount sinks, top mount sinks, apron sinks, standard drains and deluxe drains.  By clicking the link below, you will be given an option to choose a sink and/or click on the installation instructions for the product of your choice.  Please ensure that your sink is free from any manufacturing or shipping defects prior to installation.  Note that non-manufacture, damages other than in shipping and/or installation of the product will nullify your warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have taken the time to put together responses to questions we are often asked.  This section covers topics like sink gauge, grading of steel, rust & corrosion, protection and sound padding / coating.  Although many of these items are not specific to Tidal Sinks and can be used for many types of products, the information contained in this section is strictly our opinion, based on prior experience with our products.

Contact Us

Please note that our administration office and warehouse locations are not open to the public.  For any inquiries, we are available by email, or visit our contact us page for further details.